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30 Days of Gratitude

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT!! Please join me on the "30 Days of Gratitude Challenge," starting on Thursday, June 21 (first day of Summer).

What you'll need: a journal or notebook and a pen

What to do: Each day, for 30 days, write down 10 DIFFERENT things that you're grateful for (it could be things that occurs each day or things in general - for example, being alive, graduating, getting a job promotion, getting a coupon, etc). At the end of the challenge, you'll have 300 DIFFERENT things that you're grateful for.

Some benefits of practicing gratitude: Reduces stress and increases happiness, positive energy and the support of others.

Be sure to read your gratitude journal daily to reinforce positivity.

Feel free to post a picture of your journal and hashtag - #30daysofgratitude.

Let's keep positive energy flowing.

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